Monday, March 18, 2013

New Favorite Boutique: House of Stella

I haven't been the greatest blogger lately.  Aside from covering my recent Las Vegas trip, time has just been flying by and keeping me preoccupied.  So I haven't been here as much.

One of the Nashville bloggers I follow, Lauren at Old Red Boots, put it so well today when she wrote, "Like most bloggers, I have my periods of self-doubt and the sense of being lost. There are tons of really good bloggers out there and I find it hard to have my own voice and unique spot on the Internet."

But then I remember that I've never blogged for anybody else but myself.  This is my little corner of the world to share and own as I see fit.  So if I blog, I blog.  If I don't, you probably won't even notice.

Still, I had to write about an accidental and amazing find from the weekend.

Since these photos, this chair now has a pillow that coordinates with my bedspread and a nostalgic stuffed animal friend.

Isn't this old chair fab?  Love it!  It's a gorgeous grey color with pinstriped fabric.  I was at Plato's Closet attempting to rid myself of old denim (and remembered how much I hate Plato's Closet and need to find a better local consignment shop) when I saw this little boutique in the strip mall called House of Stella.

The mannequins had the most ADORABLE dresses.  So cute I was fawning over them.  It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, and I got into a fantastic conversation with Felicia, one of the store's owners.  She told me   the story of how she and her daughter started the store, and I quickly fell in love with the place.  And not only that, but much of the furniture in there is for sale too!  I just had to take this little grey chair home with me.  Isn't it the cutest?  Perfect for that awkward gap space in my bedroom.

And the clothes are so adorable.

Dear Creatures, source

I especially loved two lines they carry, London's Sugarhill Boutique, and its American line Dear Creatures.  I think that the clothes in this store are the style I aspire to, when I'm not falling back on basics from Target and Old Navy.

Sugarhill Boutique, source
Sugarhill Boutique, source

I think I may stop back in there for a birthday dress this week.  And maybe an Easter dress.  They actually keep most items under $100, so I love it for a well-deserved *local* splurge!  I will probably stalk their sale rack regularly too.

If you're in the Nashville area, check them out for sure!  A hidden gem I'll be rediscovering frequently.


  1. I never heard of house of stella but they have so much stuff I want!

    I guess I know where I'll have my next splurge~

    1. They are fantastic! And locally owned, which is a plus. I'm willing to pay more to support local folks; I bet that's where I spend Black Friday this year.


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