Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hey Aubrey!

You guys, I haven't been blogging much lately!  What gives?

Well, I wanted to check in so you know I'm still alive and WELL.  The combination of a week in Las Vegas and that whole Daylight Savings time thing really did a number on me.  I mean, I went from having like 4-5 blog posts pre-written to ZERO in no time flat.  Plus, I've been helping a couple of friends with their blogging/social media projects, which I find extremely fun and exciting compared to regaling my own adventures here.  But c'est la vie, I'm happy as a clam and living life to the fullest!


A lot of times, I write out a blog post and think, "Is anyone even going to find this interesting?  I haven't worn anything cute, eaten anything awesome, been anywhere new, etc. in a while.  Heck, I couldn't remember the last time I'd seen a movie until Duke and I went to see Warm Bodies this past weekend.  (Wait for the DVD.)

That, and I discovered the Walking Dead and have spent all of my non-working/sleeping/eating moments getting caught up on three seasons of zombie goodness.  I know, I bit the bullet.  And I'm a huge Daryl fan.  Seriously, you could kill just about anyone else off, and as long as Daryl survives, I'm good to go.  Plus


So I haven't been blogging because I've been busy.  And that's okay.  I hate when people use being "busy" as an excuse.  Everyone is busy, it's all about priorities.  Blogging just hasn't been a priority for the past week or so.  (You can still check in with me on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram when I'm neglecting this space.)

That said, I know I've been doing this cute scheduled post thing, but I think from now on I'm just going to use that as a guideline for ideas on days I have nothing to say.  I like to do blog link-ups, so Wednesday I will probably do Little Letters.

What else do you want to read about?  Or do you just enjoy my endless randomness?

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  1. I'm nosy by nature, so anything and everything! I love a good recipe post that isn't too fussy, and outfit/shopping finds. Book reviews too. I need to start working them into my blog.


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