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Saturday, March 23, 2013

From My Closet

I haven't posted many outfits lately since, well, I haven't really done anything new.  Or I forgot.  I had a couple of good ones this week, but I neglected to snap photos.  (A great mustard ruffled top/cardi/brooch combo, as well as a purple/red colorblock outfit, were two I forgot to snap.)

But here are some from Instagram that I managed to remember to take.

This dress is a Target faux wrap dress that I stole from my Mom's closet.  I was feeling very 70s that day at work!

I wear my ponte pencil skirts from Target entirely too much.  They're practically pilling.  But I really liked this combo with the H&M sweater and Target boots.  I think I wear these boots at least 3x a week too.  Well worth what I paid for Frye dupes.

I got this Banana Republic tee at an outlet in Vegas on super clearance.  I LOVE the zipper accent in the back!  I also get CONSTANT compliments on the necklace I'm wearing.  I got it for Christmas from my uncle's girlfriend's daughter.  Random people stop me to ask about it.  I love it!


  1. Love all of these - I sadly returned my Target boots bc the material of the dark brown just wasn't as nice as the other colors.

    1. Mine kind of slouch around the ankles, but most every pair of tall boots I have end up doing that. I am not sure I am made for boots, but I live in them nonetheless!

  2. That top dress is so cute on you! it does have a hint of 70s but in an awesome, current way :)

    1. Thanks! My friend at work has it in another color/pattern, which we both think is funny since it's definitely from a few years back. Target has such random surprises!


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