Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Little Letters

Dear Cally, I am so proud of you for gaining almost a pound, you skinny old cat!  Your new vet is amazing.  And your hair growing back post-shave into a funny cat mohawk makes me giggle.  Love you.

Dear Las Vegas, I had a blast! You were exhausting.  Full-on sensory overload, so I understand I need mucho time to recover.  And extra workouts to balance out all the good stuff I ate.

Dear Walking Dead, I'm finally caught up, and I've gotta say... your most recent episode was DULLSVILLE.  Seriously!  And if you ever kill off Daryl, I will quit you like I quit Dancing With the Stars over Bristol Palin making the finals.  For realz.

Dear generic delicatessen, it should be required that you offer tomato soup on rainy days.  Seriously.  I should have gone to Panera.  Grilled cheese and tomato soup are my rainy day outfit.  I mean meal.  Or maybe outfit, if I'm Lady Gaga.

Dear Biggest Loser, GO DANNI!  She's so positive and awesome.  Love her.  She needs to win or I might pitch a fit.  Pink is my favorite color this season!  And Jillian Michaels is my dream trainer.

Dear farm fresh eggs, you really do taste better.  You're awesome.  My morning is healthier and happier because of you.

Dear 28th Birthday, why you creepin' up on me so fast?!

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