Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I love #Shutterfly

I take photos constantly.  My friends know I'm basically the paparazzi.  And while I think I'm finding balance, I love to document my life and voyages and loved ones.

But, unlike many people who take a zillion photos and leave them to languish on photo CDs or memory cards (Mom! *cough cough*), I create photo books.  If I do a big trip, I give that vacation a book of its own.  Otherwise, I create semi-annual yearbooks of sorts.  I was never a dedicated enough scrapbooker to do all the fancy cutouts and pretty papers, but I really love putting photo books together and having them printed for future perusing.

Lately, I'm absolutely in love with Shutterfly.  In the past, I've shopped around for deals (Snapfish and Picaboo- okay, Printerpix- terrible customer service, Apple- expensive) but I think I've finally settled in with Shutterfly.

I love their layouts, ability to customize, and all the little scrapbook-like add-ins they create!  They also have tons of different items to buy, from phone cases to canvas to ornaments to calendars and whatnot.  (I think I need an afghan blanket of my cat, right?)  Not only that, but there's almost always a promotion happening that can get you free shipping, major discounts, and more.  So I plan to build my albums, then wait for sales to purchase them.  It's a win-win.

I recently did my friend's entire wedding album as a gift... which she loved!  It feels good to make something that she and her family will treasure for years.

Don't let your photos sit in Facebook albums.  Create something beautiful for your coffee table or wall.  Your great-grandkids probably won't be on Facebook to see your photos; leave something behind that's pretty and organized for them to see what life was like for you.  It's too easy, and not as pricey as you'd think!

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