Friday, December 21, 2012

30th Birthday Dream Trip: Part I

Considering my former fluency in French (it's so hard to maintain!), I consider it a travesty that I haven't been back to France since 2005.  Seriously.

For my 30th birthday (or sometime within a year of it, anyways) I want to take a big trip to Europe.  Don't know if it will be by myself, with friends, or what, but I've had this in mind for while.  But if you gave me two weeks, here is where I'd go...


Avignon, France (1 day)
Visit the Pont d'Avignon (and dance upon it, bien sur!), the Place de l'Horloge, and tour the Palais des Papes.  (Yup, Avignon is home to a papal palace, where seven Popes once sat!)  If there was time, I might take in one of the museums.

Avignon (source)
Nimes, France (1 day)
Nimes is all about RUINS!  I love old stuff.  Seriously.  Aqueducts, amphitheaters  show me some crumbling old structures.  In Nimes, I would steal away to catch the Pont du Gard, then spend some time exploring in town to see the Maison Carree, Amphi Roman, and Jardin de la Fontaine.

Nimes (photo by my pal Nils!)

Arles, France (1 day)
Okay, I know Nimes was all about ruins... but Arles is another city full of ancient wonders!  I might even use this as a base to visit Nimes for a day.  But I'd definitely have to visit the Arenes, Musee d'Arles Antique, Thermes de Constantin, Theatre Antique, and Eglise St-Trophine.

Arles (source)

Cannes, France (1 day)
I was definitely conflicted about the French Riviera... Should I spend a day in Cannes or St. Tropez?  I felt as though I needed to visit one of these famous, touristy locales.  If I were to choose Cannes, I would stop by Allee des Stars, the French version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  I'd take a walk through Le Suquet, the old quarter of town, and explore the cobbled streets and restaurants.  Lastly, I'd walk the Promenade de La Croisette, which is where all of the film festival activities take place.

Cannes (source)

Monaco (1 day)
Monaco is not in France, but it's definitely a must-see while I'm in the area.  I'd have to visit the Palais Royal, Casino Monte Carlo, and maybe the Musee Oceanographique.  And pretend I'm Grace Kelly, or in a James Bond movie.

Monaco (source)

Nice, France (2 days)
I had a tough time deciding whether to spend time in Nice or Marseille, but I chose Nice as it seemed to make the most sense for this itinerary.  I'd take two full days to explore Vieux Nice, maybe taking a bus tour of the city, and seeing the Palais Lascaris.  There are also tons of museums, which definitely interest me.

Nice (source)

Stay tuned for WEEK 2 of my dream trip next Frequent Flyer Friday!


  1. When Matt eventually getS theater command time in Vicenza or Stuttgart, you are coming for 2 weeks, and we will traveeeeeel! :)

    1. Wait until you see Part II next Friday... it's all ITALY!


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