Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Evernote Food

The other day, my coworker took her phone out during a meal to take a photo of our wine bottle's label.
Evernote Food

"Whenever I find a good wine at a restaurant," she says, "I always forget the name when I'm at the store!  This way I have it saved."

Fascinating.  And now that I think about it, useful.  After all, I've often clicked away with a camera or smartphone to capture a label, a beautifully plated meal, a recipe, a menu... only to have it languish in some random album in my iPhoto.

Then I found Evernote Food, and app for your smartphone.  I'm already in love with Evernote as an app in general (it keeps my shopping lists, to-do lists, quick reference stuff, etc.) and now I'm loving this extension of their line.

Not only can you capture an image of your food item/adventure, you can add notes to that entry, tag the location, and have it sorted by date!  You can use the app to look up your past experiences, whether you're looking to cook or eat out.  Or, you can simply use it as a food diary!

If you're a foodie like me, this app might actually be one you use pretty often.  I'm already using it to remember what I liked at restaurants and documenting new recipes.

Are there any other food apps you're a fan of?  I also use OpenTable and UrbanSpoon quite a bit!

***December 21st UPDATE:  The latest update to this app is amazing!  You can use it to find restaurants nearby, save recipes to try, and more!  It's even better than I described!***


  1. Totally downloaded this app after your post! I have Evernote and love it - this will be so great! I also love OpenTable, and not really a food app, but I use Tip N' Split all the time when I am out - I'm useless at figuring out how to split the bill, figure out tips, etc. It's great.

    1. Lacey, I recommend you go into Evernote and create and Evernote Food notebook; the apps will integrate, so you can have everything perfectly filed!

      One thing I started to do with recipes is take a photo of the cookbook cover, the page the recipe is on, then document the process with photos. It will help me "find" those recipes again in the future as needed!

      I also tag restaurant locations, so I can find them again. Being in a new area, it will help me figure out where to eat whenever I'm out.


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