Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Dress #ModCloth

When I received the invitation for my company holiday party, my mind immediately went to, "What will I wear?" And while I have a closet full of dresses, I wasn't quite sure about any of them... until my pal CH sent me a link to a ModCloth sale that featured a peridot version of their Bettie Page With Only a Wink dress. ON SALE. The same dress (in a different color) I'd been ogling on Girl With Curves for ages.

And they had my size. Swoon! I held my breath as I splurged on this little dream, anxiously awaiting its arrival with fingers crossed it would fit. When it arrived, I had Duke help me zip it up. You should have seen his face; he loved it! I knew it was perfect. Well, almost... I needed to hem it a bit to make it a playful length.  Everything is too long on me.

I've never gotten so many compliments on a dress before.  Seriously!  I love it so much.  We had a great time at my work holiday party at aVenue in Nashville.  Fantastic space (like the inside of a barn, but so chic!) with a live band and tons of food and drink.  So much fun, and I felt so pretty in my new frock.

It also comes in other colors, appropriate for so many occasions!  I seriously think about the navy and black versions a lot, though I think I am going to try to start sewing again to get my vintage wants.  So happy with how well this purchase turned out.

I also think this dress might be fun with some crinoline happening underneath.  Maybe I'll test it out sometime!


  1. Live this dress! This sort of cut doesn't work well on me, but it looks smashing on you! :)

    1. You know, some of these vintage dresses are definitely cut to make a curvy girl look fab!

      That said, you could pull off some of the 1920s silhouette and Downton Abbey-sequence styles I could not! Long and lean is not my blessing... :)


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