Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shellac me, please!

Traditional manicures are wasted on me.  I LOVE how French manicures look (so fresh! so clean!) but I live an active lifestyle, I'm constantly typing/texting, and my nails aren't the strongest.  So CHIP CHIP CHIP.  My last manicure was for a wedding in December 2011.

Then my coworker JL mentioned a local nail salon that offered Shellac manis for a good price.  I gave it a go, and I got a French shellac for just $30!

What's shellac?  It's a multi-step process where your nails are layered with a special polish and cured under a UV light. The result looks like you have acrylic nails, but you're not damaging your nail beds or using adhesive.  It's supposed to last up to two weeks without chips.

Thus far, my nails have been holding steady for a week, with a little wear and tear but nothing anyone but me could notice.  I'm fascinated by how pretty they are; I catch myself looking at them all the time!  I don't get manicures often... in fact, 2-3 per year is a lot for me!  But I might be more inclined to get them now, since I know they can last more than a few days.

The only downside?  Not sure how removal is going to go!  Anyone out there ever get a shellac mani?

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  1. I get the shellac manicure (although we call it gel in Los Angeles) and one of the tricks to removal is to heat the acetone before soaking your nails. If you microwave it a little bit it works faster and helps remove the polish faster. I love getting gel nail polish, it lasts for two weeks despite lots of cooking/cleaning/washing dishes.



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