Sunday, August 12, 2012

Disappearing Designers #ProjectRunway


Andrea left in the middle of the night.  She is a teacher in sewing, and she cowardly disappeared like that?  Lame.  Especially since there are so many people dying to be given the opportunity to be on Project Runway.  You know?  And then Kooan decides to make his exit.  Then everyone else who starts crying and lamenting their "plight"?  Is this a result of indulgent parenting where everyone is told they're a winner?!  COME ON.  But at least they brought back Raul, because even though he blew the last challenge, I felt he was better than Kooan, Andrea, and Buffi.

As for the challenge, I thought it was a nice, "normal" challenge where the designers could shine.  I am a "woman on the go" who loves Michael Kors, so why not do a little something-something I could wear as I travel, work, and play?  The minute that Tim said "no wrinkles", I knew everyone was going to look at jersey knits.  And you know what?  That works for me.  I love a great jersey knit.

My impressions on the designers that have managed not to quit? Buffi is a one-trick pony, and they spent a lot of time focusing the camera on her, so I was predicting she'd be the one eliminated.  Her look should be in a Body Central store... not a high end store.  And you know what?  If she had takent the black chiffon from Christopher, it might not have looked so trashy.  I also haven't been able to figure out Fabio's aesthetic at all.  He dresses kind of homeless-looking... what's his angle?  What did he show them before the show to get a spot on Project Runway?

I love Ven's designs.  But he is so into the competition that he is always ready to be critical of everyone else.  He's great, and he knows it.  Can he make it through the competition?  And Christopher seems like he's on downers.  He is not the happy, energetic guy from the first episode.  It's interesting, because  initially I thought he could be a contender.

This was the hardest challenge thus far for me to pick a favorite!  On the runway, I felt Sonjia (although it was a bit sheer!), Gunnar, Dmitry, and Christopher had looks I could actually wear in my marketing career to work and then out on the town.  I love me some Ven, but I felt like the one-shoulder look just wasn't work-appropriate for most places, so I felt it was too risky to put as best in the challenge this time.  I was also pleased to see something good from Nathan.  Elena's look was a question mark for me... what was under that stiff coat?  Buffi's look was my least favorite by far.

The judges seemed to agree with me.  I felt like Gunnar should have been in the top, but they kept all of my other favorites in there.  I agree with Sonjia's win, and Buffi's elimination.

Maybe Ven will wow me next week?

P.S.  Isn't Gunnar Deatherage the most badass name in history?

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