Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fashion Steals... from #Walmart

You guys, I wish this was a sponsored post... because I am so excited about Walmart today.  I know, I know, it's Walmart.  But I stopped by there today to buy some Sheba cat food (Cally's obsession) when I remembered I needed some new leggings for all the travel I'll be doing next month.  Knowing you can score Danskin leggings for $8, I headed to their women's department... where I was promptly seduced by surprisingly stylish finds.

I am not opposed to buying clothes in unconventional places.  I'm always on the lookout, even on trips to Sam's Club.  Today, I was pleasantly surprised!

I bought a grey striped top (bought it two sizes too big to wear with leggings while flying), a chic dress with a great pattern and length appropriate for work, and a really cute color-blocked top that they offered in multiple colors.

The dress was under $18, and the tops were both under $10.  The color-block tee reminded me of something I'd seen at a department store.  The material feels good too.  And I walked out spending less than I would at Forever 21.

WINNING!  And I guarantee people will ask me where these pieces are from... and I won't hesitate to tell them.

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