Monday, July 18, 2011

Real Housewives: REMOVE KIM G.

I watched the Christmas party episode for RHONJ today, and it ANNOYED me to bits.

WHO THE EFF IS KIM G.?!  Okay, we know who she is.  But who is this old lady trying to stir up drama with a vendetta against Teresa?  Kim G. has been trying to become a series regular for multiple seasons now, and it's pathetic.  They'll probably even include her on the reunion show eventually.  Ugh.   Gross.

I don't like someone who shows up to a party with a someone who is suing the host's sibling, knowing that sibling is going to be attending?  Seriously.  She is trying SO hard to insert herself into every situation, she's terrible.  I cannot say enough how little I enjoy watching this woman.  And she's convinced we love her... do you know what she said last year?  "You know, do people want me? I get stopped on the streets all the time, 'We love you. We love you. You bring energy to the show. You're great. You're this, you're that.' You know what I'm saying."  So maybe people in New Jersey like her to her face... but I don't.  And I think the national audience would agree with me.

Kathy's behavior was not right at the party.  She seemed a bit tipsy and made a mountain out of a molehill in her 'conversation' with Teresa.  So what if someone responds coldly to your greeting?  That elusive 'high road' the women are always talking about would be to just smile and walk away.  Duh.  Kathy and her husband were annoying this episode; she wants to justify her existence on the show as much as Kim G.

I like Melissa and Joey more and more each episode.  KUDOS to them for kicking Monica Whoever out of that party.  I hope Teresa sees it and realizes it was Melissa who had her back in removing that 'problem' from the party.  Way to go Melissa!  You're winning me over!  (I also loved her and Joe on the aftershow as well.)

I'll continue to watch what happens for now... but seriously, Bravo, get rid of old lady Kim G.

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