Thursday, July 7, 2011

My 'What I Wore' Project

Look at that pile of clothes!

I've talked a few times about my favorite style blog, 'What I Wore'.  I even mentioned that the blog's author, Jessica Quirk, had a book coming out... which I promptly pre-ordered and received just this week!

After reading it cover to cover, I realized I had my work cut out for me!  Using Jessica's 'Analyze Your Closet' tips, I started by overhauling my closet and dressers.  (Conveniently enough, I have a yard sale planned for this month... maybe I can spend my earnings on some new wardrobe staples!)  I dumped EVERYTHING onto my bed into one giant pile.  Then I started sorting... immediately, I was learning to make quick judgment calls on what should stay and go.  Lastly, I had to try on all the 'keepers' so ensure they were worth putting back on a hanger into the closet.  I also took her advice and put away the winter clothes, so I had more visibility of what is wearable in this Georgia heat.

What I found was that in terms of accessories (shoes, handbags, belts, scarves!) I was doing well.  I also have a collection of cardigans that rivals that of Mr. Rogers.  But I have definitely identified some needs in my wardrobe.

The hard part?  Getting rid of brand-new, barely worn, or too-small clothing.  I saw so many things I'd thought I could wear or wanted to fit back into, things that (embarrassingly) still had tags on them.  I also parted with a lot of the novelty tees I had in my collection, crammed into an overstuffed dresser drawer.  (Note to self: buying a new tee from Greetings every time I'm in B-town is not helping.)  I didn't realize how sentimental I could be about clothes!

That said, I'm definitely feeling good about all my hard work today!  I love how Jessica compares getting dressed to cooking, the latter being something I'm pretty good at.  When I look at it like a recipe, I can see that I've had a billion ingredients in my closet but none that went together.  Now I know that I need to work on my core color collection (black), then branch out into my secondary color, which seems to be a palette of greens and yellows, maybe even some coral colors!  Once I've got it down, I think I'll add a grey core color collection into the mix.  :)

My Shopping List:
For my core color collection:
-black jacket/blazer
-white button-up blouse
-little black dress (plain sheath)
-foundation shorts (tummy control!)
-half slip in a skin-tone color (I have an old one in white from college, though!)
-full slip in a skin-tone color
Secondary color:
-solid skirt in secondary color
-printed skirt
-printed or solid blouse in secondary color
-white jacket or blazer
-white skirt
-printed blouse(s)
-solid blouse in secondary color
-straw belt
The yard sale pile!!!

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