Sunday, July 3, 2011

On sisters...

Maya Angelou said, "Sisterhood and brotherhood is a condition people have to work at."  I think I would have to agree.  Calling it a condition is probably accurate too.

You can choose your friends, but your siblings are given to you.  And sometimes, you can't believe that someone who most closely resembles you in the world, who comes from the same exact gene pool, could be so fundamentally different from you!

My relationship with my own younger sister AW have been tumultuous to say the least.  We probably had our first disagreement before she could talk.  And while we have a million happy memories, more often than not we revisit the unhappy ones, the ones where our parents would declare, "You fight like cats and dogs!"  (Appropriately, my sister is a self-proclaimed dog person, while I live with a cat I've had since age 10.)  Even as adults we can't spend 24 hours together without argument.

We fight.  We butt in.  We talk over one another.  We reopen old wounds.  We don't mind our own business.  We're unfortunately insanely stubborn so as to often prevent any resolution or apology.  We love each other, but we aren't best friends and we don't always like one another.

And yet, sitting at dinner the other night trying to figure out what we should raise our glasses to, we came to a conclusion... our relationship is quite possibly the longest one either of us will ever have.  We are separated by only three years; you might say AW's birthday this year is our 23rd anniversary!  No matter who comes along in our lives, they probably won't outlast the two of us.

So it's definitely a condition we have to work at!

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