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Monday, February 21, 2011

Viva Nashvegas!

I had an AWESOME weekend in Nashville, Tennessee with my good friends MC, GC, and their son BC! We road tripped there and had a really great time. I also got to spend some time with my friend VB, who I've missed so much since she left Savannah. It's hard to sum it all up in a short blog entry, but I'll do my best... it was a great time all-around and definitely a place I'd love to visit again.

We went to Franklin, downtown Nashville to see the Parthenon and Country Music Hall of Fame, and just took it all in. I felt like everyone was super friendly, and I LOVED how quaint and cute Franklin was. It totally reminded me of B-town! We also drove by some of the big mansions where some of the country music folks live... stunning.

I bought cowboy boots, shoes, a cute dress, some blingy earrings at a boutique in Franklin... it was a great time. I also got an iPhone this weekend, so let's just say I did some serious retail therapy!

Mellow Mushroom, Margaritaville, Dotson's, Sweet Cece's, Thai... we ate so much and so well! I totally gained weight this weekend, but I can't say enough good things. Dotson's is a diner that made an AMAZING breakfast for me/VB, and Sweet Cece's is an adorable frozen yogurt place that I wish we had in Savannah.

Still, after such a busy weekend, it was nice to get home and decompress. I'm dreading Monday, but I am glad I had such fun.

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