Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gleek Peek: Falling in love all over again!

'Glee' continues to redeem itself in my eyes with each new episode since its hiatus! The Valentine's Day episode had a lot of songs I really liked, and the storyline is so interesting. I'm kind of in love with Santana's evil streak, the Finn/Quinn falling back in love storyline that's been going on lately (she's still with Sam! WTF!), and the MUSIC. Always the music.

I think every episode there's a song I don't really care for, which is why I don't automatically download all of the music. But this episode had two songs done by the Warblers (love a cappella!) and one of my favorite Katy Perry numbers sung by Rachel, 'Firework.'

The show lapsed a little bit last year, but now it's getting back to basics. I like when they don't overproduce the songs, which they don't do so much with the Warblers group (how can you when the voices are the instruments?). The 'Firework' number was pretty close to the original in terms of music, but I still loved it, because it felt like Rachel's character is really coming into her own as an independent girl no

I have a love/hate relationship with Rachel, because so many people I know who watch 'Glee' say that she and I are the same person, minus the ability to sing. Rachel does/says so many cringeworthy things, I often wonder what people really think of me when they compare us. But at the same time, I can see how the comparison is funny and even flattering, because she has redeemable qualities. We're both incessant talkers, overachievers, and love music... but with a heart. And sometimes we kind of dress alike; we both love cardigans, dresses, and flats! :)

So I'll take the comparison, at least for now. I saw Lea Michele perform in 'Spring Awakening' twice on Broadway, and she's an amazing talent.

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