Monday, February 7, 2011

5-Minute Project

Before & After

It's always kind of bothered me that my front windows didn't have any sort of curtains at all. When my security guy mentioned I should have at least something there to obstruct the view from the street, I figured why not? I couldn't find panels that fit my narrow windows, but I did find some magnetic curtain rods at Wal-Mart (i.e. no drilling/installation required!) that fit the space. I also found a single curtain panel that was too large on its own, but something I could possibly cut in half and sew.

The reason this was a 5-minute project? I got super lazy. I had plans to sew up the curtains, make little strips to tie them cutely, all that. But by the time I got home, I had no motivation anymore. So what did I do? Cut the panel in half (rough edges and all) and tie a knot in the middle to give it the hourglass flares.

And you know what? Good enough! The panels definitely obstruct the view into the windows (even though in the photo they look very see-through). Mission accomplished!

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