Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trying new things...

The other day I was cooking my orange chicken dinner for DW and SW, and it came out that I had never tried Indian food... so of course, in an effort to broaden my epicurean horizons, they insisting I go to Pakwan in Savannah with them yesterday. I had never noticed the restaurant, attached to the Oglethorpe Mall but hardly noticeable next to the blazing Food Court sign. (I am admittedly distracted by the Food Court, which holds my beloved Chick-Fil-A with its amazing lemonade.)

I was a bit nervous; spicy food, seafood, and vegetables are not my thing. I LOVE to cook, and I will cook anything for anyone who will eat it, but I do not sample it myself. My taste buds are plain vanilla. So I asked SW what I should get, and we chose a chicken tikka masala for me, which is a curry dish of roasted chicken in a tomato-based sauce. Served with some white rice, it was absolutely delicious. I also loved the breads we got, naan and puri, especially dipped into the various sauces. I sampled a little bit of most of the food on the table, forgoing some of the spicier/veggie-laden fare, and finished up with a dessert of gulab jamun, fried milk balls soaked in a sweet syrup.

If I could describe my first experience with Indian food in one word, it would be FLAVORFUL. They definitely knew what they were doing with their spices, and it could never be considered to be bland. It was also beautiful to look at, so colorful. I really enjoyed having a great meal with friends, and trying something new. I won't hesitate to try Indian food again!

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  1. You'll have to take us there now that you know all about it Aubs! We've never been either but everyone who has been to that place absolutely LOVES it!!!! So glad you found something new & yummy!


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