Friday, January 14, 2011

Red Velvet Cake Balls!

So I tasted some amazing Red Velvet Cake Balls from Julia Baker Confections when I was visiting my sister in Arizona. I had never had anything like them before, and immediately all I could think about was finding a recipe. Turns out, cake balls/cake pops are the new "it" thing... they might even usurp cupcakes in the future!

I got a recipe for some Red Velvet Cake Balls from, who is credited with creating the cupcake pop. I couldn't wait to try it. It seemed simple enough...

Making the cake, crumbling it up and mixing it with frosting, rolling it into balls... that was the easy part. The not-so-easy part? Covering those with chocolate. I couldn't figure out how to dunk them into the chocolate without having some crumb issues... I tried chopsticks, a fork, a small spatula, and a spoon, and combinations of all three. In the end, dunking the balls into the chocolate with a spoon, then sliding them onto wax paper with the small spatula was the method that worked for me!

In the end, they were absolutely delicious! Very rich, but I'm happy with the outcome. That being said, I spent the better part of my afternoon/evening working on these, so I just made myself a TALL amaretto sour to recover. Whew!

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