Sunday, January 23, 2011

Skirt? Meh.

I have some lovely fabrics and patterns that I'm itching to try for apparel. But after my hemming difficulties and only completing two of my four planned aprons for friends, I didn't feel ready to take on a more challenging pattern. After all, the sage advice my sewing instructor and friends have given me is to play around with fabric you don't care about first, then make pieces with the fabric you love. You don't want to ruin the good stuff, after all!

So I was surfing online and found this 'simple' elastic waist-band skirt pattern from Freshly Picked. I figured, I have a big bag of fabric from my Mom's basement (some of it as old as I am) that I could use for such a project. I love skirts, but when I go to some of my favorite stores like Urban Outfitters, they're charging $38+ for a cotton, elastic-waistband skirt. Blah.

I found some red checked cotton that I figured I'd start with. I think Mom used it to make a vest or pillow cover at some point.

Well, like most of my sewing projects, this turned out to be more difficult than I anticipated. I really don't like how it turned out... not that cute! It's just not my style and makes me look really round. But practice makes you better, so I'm glad to have some extra material lying around to experiment with, right?

I'm going to hang on to the skirt, though I can't imagine wearing it. Maybe I'll take out the seams and reuse the elastic, once my skills improve. But it was a fun way to spend the afternoon!


  1. LOL!!! What about shortening it??? Not sure if that will do anything... But yeah, i guess i could see where it might not be the most flattering for the hips... LOL!! Awesome effort though! MUCH better than what I could have done so for that, bravo my buddy! Practice makes perfect!

  2. I wish I could figure out sewing. I get so confused. *sigh* The skirt is great for a first try at it!


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