Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Shopping Haul

A number of my friends accuse me of being a shopaholic, and perhaps I am. But I'm not all about splurging on big-ticket items. When it comes to trends, I tend to err on the side of frugality, which is one of the reasons I'm a HUGE fan of Forever 21. After a particularly rough day, I sat online for hours scouring the site, filling up my shopping cart.

I had "Fall" in mind, even though it's nearly winter. In Georgia, the winter feels more like fall to me anyways. I thought of layers, which is why I like the blazer and the cardigan. I love the ruffles, because they add something interesting to a functional sweater. The leggings are a key piece in the cold weather, perfect under a tunic and tucked into boots. Covering up is essential. I bought the shorts to wear over textured tights, perhaps with my new black booties.

The necklaces are a look I'm in love with now, multiple strands to add dimension. I'm not the best at accessorizing, so these necklaces are great to toss on and add to an outfit. Accessories make it look like you took care to assemble your outside; without a little something, it just looks incomplete. The belt I bought for a denim jacket I found at Old Navy, again to add to the overall look.

As for the dress and embellished top, I just loved the pleats and sequins. You need something to catch the eye. Who knows when I'll wear them, but considering this Forever 21 haul was under $200, I think I got a pretty good bargain on it all.


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