Sunday, November 14, 2010

Case of the Missing Eyebrows

Women do a lot of painful things to stay beautiful. The phrase "bikini wax" still makes me cringe. Today, I decided that my eyebrows were in need of some attention, so I went to the beauty salon to have them threaded. If you've never done it before, eyebrow threading is an alternative to waxing and tweezing. It originated in India, but spread to the Middle East and eventually Europe and the Americas as it gained in popularity. Basically they take two strands of thread and pull the hair out entirely, instead of just breaking it off. It lasts a lot longer than your usual tweezing or waxing routine.

That being said, it HURTS. Expect tears to form! And letting someone else take your eyebrows into their hands is a bit stressful; if the eyes are the windows to your soul, the eyebrows are your fancy drapes! Having well-shaped eyebrows (or a lack of them) can affect the aesthetic of your entire face.

Today my eyebrow diva took a bit more from me than I'd have liked; I tend to prefer thicker eyebrows (think Camilla Belle, Crystal Renn, Brooke Shields) than to look like a silent film actress or appear to be perpetually surprised. But beauty is a calculated risk; my friends have told me that my brows look fine, and they have a great shape that I can use as a base as my brows fill in. Not bad for a $4 threading job.


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