Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Best: Work Week Safari

It's the first official week of Sunday Best with The Modern Austen, and once again I bugged Dan to take a photo of an outfit I wore.  I decided to pick a workweek outfit, since I work in a casual office and have a lot of freedom over what I wear.
Unlike some blogger boyfriends who will take a bunch of DSLR photos, Dan thinks outfit photos are weird and usually snaps them quickly and in small numbers.  Ack!  I need to get my tripod/remote set up to take some good ones sometime!

VERY tired after a long day of work!

Closeup of safari print and necklace

Backup selfie, featuring Bear at my feet
Blouse: Joe Fresh - exact
Ponte Pants:  Target - currently on clearance
Necklace:  NY & Co.
Shoes: Payless - similar
Bag: Kate Spade (same as last week!)

Usually, I like to take outfit photos at the beginning of the day, while I'm fresh-faced and all.  For this outfit I wasn't able to get Dan to take a photo until after I'd run all over Nashville and worked the whole day.  I can see how tired I am, and my hair & makeup isn't as nice as it was in the AM.  Oh well!  You can now see what I look like after a full day of LIFE.

This silk shirt from Joe Fresh is so soft.  I also love the print!  It's one of the pieces I bought in May, and it's also from my trip to Toronto.  The ponte pants from Target are one of two pairs that I have.  They're so worn in they are pilling a little bit, but I love them for days when I'm on the go.  Our office tends to be on the cool side, so I often where pants and sleeves even in summer.

Nearly all of my flats come from Payless shoes.  I love buying them for cheap and wearing them until they fall apart (and stink) and I can just toss them.  I used to spend more on flats, but since I'm not one to wash shoes (minus something like Toms), these just make the most sense!  I'd rather save money on the basics and splurge a bit on adorable things.

Don't forget to head over the Marissa's blog to see what everyone else posted!

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  1. These are too cute! But yes, I think I need to investiage a visit to Nashville to help ya out. :)

  2. That is a great outfit! Love the top and necklace. At least one of my outfit pics this week was taken at the end of the day and my hair is kind of flying all over - like you said, oh well! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Love this look! The top's print is so cute! Taking outfit photos at the right time of day can be really difficult at times. Thank you so much for linking up to Sunday Best!

  4. Haha, yeah Dan just is not into the photos... but I do have a tripod and remote for my DSLR so maybe I can get over my shyness and start doing some.

  5. I always forget, so we end up with mirror selfies of course.


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