Monday, June 9, 2014

Apartment Decor Blues

We love our apartment.  So much so, that we've signed a lease for our 3rd year in the same unit.  But since I didn't know we'd be there that long, I never painted the walls.  That means we live in a sea of beige walls and carpets.  I'm happy with the artwork and photos in our apartment, but I feel like a few things are missing.

Problem #1:  Dining Set.  My dining set is very basic and cheap, and it only seats four.  I'd really like a set to seat six, but I can't justify buying one right now.  I've been waiting to move to a house before investing.

Temporary Fix:  I think painting the table and chairs some bright colors, like the photo below, might be a good temporary fix to perk things up.

image source

Problem #2:  Beige Carpets.  And there's not much I can do about those.

Temporary Fix:  Area rugs!  I have a cheap one from IKEA in the dining room, but the grey color does nothing for the room with my cheap dining set.  I think one in the dining room and one in the living room could really pop.  One with blue and green (like my sofas) with a soft feel would be great in the living room.

I like this for a dining room. (

Problem #3:  Coffee Table.  I am not a fan of my cheap coffee table, and I'd like something with a wood look that fits our style better.

Temporary Fix:  I think I could have Dan add wood as a topper to the table (and maybe change the paint color) to make it look more in line with our style.

image source

Anyone else have any tips to spruce up an apartment?

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  1. I love the table and chairs! I've thought about doing the same thing to our basic farmhouse table/chairs.

  2. Okay you have GOT to post pictures if you paint your table and chairs. That looks so amazing! Also, keep an eye out on Groupon for rugs; we got ours on Groupon and I get so many compliments on it. Little do people know... it was practically free. ;)

    Courtney @ Little Miss MBA

  3. love the multi-chair idea!! I vote, DO IT! lol

  4. If I manage to find time to do it, I'll post about it! Good idea on the Groupon deals too.

  5. I've always wanted to paint rental walls but it just seems Rugs USA is a great source for rugs, they're always running sales and I think I got a Groupon or something for them - we stalked a rug until it went on sale there and we love it!

  6. Just the thought of painting, then repainting on move-out feels like too much work. I unsubscribed from Groupon/etc. to save myself from impulse buys, but a rug sounds like a good reason to stalk them.


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