Friday, June 13, 2014

Riffs Fine Street Food

I don't have any ambition to try every food truck in Nashville, but when I hear good buzz I will chase them down!  Riffs Fine Street Food and its Korean BBQ tacos have been on my list for a while.  When I saw they were going to be at Brew at the Zoo, I made a beeline for their truck to check it out.

Some of the trucks at Brew at the Zoo

I decided that I would go with the tacos I'd heard about, as well as the Ginger Plum Iced Tea.  I got the tacos with everything on them...  roasted pork, ginger scallion sauce, cabbage salaw, gochujang BBQ sauce, and spicy mayo.

The iced tea was not overly gingery, which I was glad for, and the perfect refreshment for a hot afternoon in Tennessee.  The Korean BBQ tacos, served in corn tortillas that I really liked, were less saucy than I thought they would be.  I think I was hoping for more of a spicy daeji gogi taste.  I also took a little of the cabbage slaw out because I'm not a big fan of greens.  But they were still really delicious, and the spicy mayo plus BBQ sauce really tied everything together.  Overall, Riffs definitely has fresh food, creative flavors, and my vote of approval as a great food truck destination if you ever get a chance to catch them!

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  1. Korean BBQ.... yesssss. I wish I could eat all willy nilly at food trucks. Looks like so much fun and all the tasty flavors.

  2. Food trucks are expensive, I've come to find. That is, you expect them to be cheap, but you pay $7-10 for your meal... I don't know, maybe I'm weird because that's more than fast food but way better, and about the same as going to Chipotle or something.

  3. Those tacos look delicious! Ah I miss all that stuff.


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