Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bea's Soda Bar in Bloomington @beafizzy

As I was walking to and from the Bakehouse to meet my friend, I noticed an adorable little camper selling homemade sodas.  On my way back to my car, I had to get a taste of Bea's Soda Bar.

You guys...   Strawberry. Rhubarb. Soda.  I'll let you imagine this refreshing drink.  I love seeing local entrepreneurs bringing concepts like this to towns I love.  It reminds me of when Dad would take me to the old fashioned soda fountain in his hometown in a way.

I opted out of hanging downtown for Taste of Bloomington, because it was already becoming a madhouse (and Mom was cooking goodies at home) so Bea's was my refreshing "something new" from my latest trip home.  Follow Bea's on Twitter here!  Such a sweet little business.

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  1. Oh geeze if that isn't the cutest establishment I've ever seen I don't know what is.


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