Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Best: Pittsburgh & a Print Dress

Once again on Sunday Best, you get to see how much of a failure I am at getting outfit photos.  This is the part where I swear I am going to get my DSLR and tripod out with a remote sometime soon.  But the truth is, I simply haven't been home!  This outfit is what I wore to a high school graduation party for Dan's niece during our long weekend in Pittsburgh.  (Hence the gift bag from Tiffany's!)

So bright out, my eyes are closed!
Closeup of my jewelry, plus a bathroom selfie with eyes more open

Dress:  Lizard Thicket
Jewelry:  from Kuwait/Iraq
Belt: Charlotte Russe - similar
Purse:  H&M - similarsplurge
Sandals:  via DSW - similar, similar

Minus the high-karat gold jewelry from my travels overseas, this outfit is a total bargain combo!  This dress has paid for itself because I wear it so much for both work and play.  And when it's warm, you can most likely find me wearing some kind of gladiator sandal to let my toes breathe.  This outfit is one I have worn again and again, and it's definitely a travel staple.

And since I don't have another Pittsburgh post other than a restaurant review, here's a snapshot from our day at Sandcastle, an old water park on the river, as well as an airport shot of my travel accessories.  :)  It was a great trip, but next time I'll be sure to give Marissa some advance notice so I have someone to take my Sunday Best photos, eh?

I got a Dole Whip float!

My bags are literally statement bags.

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  1. I'm trying to be more adventurous with prints and colors--I'm always buying everything in black or grey because it's easy to match and wear. However, I think I could pull off that blue dress. It is SO pretty and it looks so easy to wear. :)

  2. I love black, white, and grey... to the point I had to make an effort to try other colors! You could SO pull off dresses like this one. They're so easy it feels like cheating. I definitely have to add a belt or it looks like a sack, but that's just a given with this kind of dress.

  3. AH! I love this! Your dress is the perfect travel-in-the-summer outfit. I'm really glad you were also able to head to Sandcastle. It's been years for me and a definite must-do on my summer bucket list! Thanks for linking up again :)

  4. There may be hope for me after all. :) If all I have to do is pull the dress on and add and belt, I might be able to do prints and colors this summer! Haha--this is a HUGE deal for me!

  5. It's expensive, so I'd look for a coupon. They have Dole Whips! It's small and old but it was still a really fun thing to do on a warm afternoon.

  6. Here are two I found for under $50 on Zappos:


  8. I love that dress! Lizard Thicket always has such cute patterns. You are every where but TN lately! Love seeing the travels.

  9. I am currently typing this comment from Indiana... I am never in TN anymore!!!

  10. These are gorgeous! And best of all, I have some credit at Zappo's that's just been sitting there because I have no clue what to order with it. :) Thanks, Aubrey!!


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