Monday, June 2, 2014

Budgeting Bloggers: May 2014

This month, I spent more than in April but I didn't buy much in terms of quantity.  I had some decent Poshmark sales in terms of closet-clearing too.  Overall in my life I'm trying to be more frugal, so I try to make that extend to my wardrobe.... quality over quantity!

  1. Fabletics Outfit (originally $50, paid $10 with outfit credit):  See my review of this month's outfit here!
  2. Disney Hidden Mickey Scarf ($22):  This scarf was my chosen souvenir from my Disney trip.  it wasn't cheap (I bought it at the resort), but it's super soft and has a pretty fringe.  I like that I can wear it to work or anywhere, and it doesn't scream Disney.  But if you look closely, you see hidden Mickey Mouse shapes throughout the pattern.
  3. Heart of Haute A-Line Skirt ($56 with shipping):  I have this skirt in black.  This has the beautiful silhouette I love, and blue is a great basic color for my wardrobe.  I see it has a new substitute for jeans in warm weather.  The skirts are not a thick material, but the cut is great.  I'll likely hem this one to a similar length as my black one.
  4. Blue Sailor Bombshell Dress (originally $60, paid $45):  I found a beautiful Hell Bunny dress at Hot Topic for a song, and ordered this dress with it.  But then that dress was out of stock and I didn't get it, so this one was the only success.  At first I worried it would be costume-y, but then I saw how nice the quality was, including a built-in petticoat that gives it great flare.  I LOVE it, and the fit is flattering.
  5. Joe Fresh Safari Print Silk Blouse ($45):  Purchased during a work trip to Toronto, where they have actual Joe Fresh stores everywhere.  I love the material and safari print.  It is work appropriate too!  And it's 100% silk.

I have entirely too much black in my wardrobe, so this really brightens it all up in time for warmer weather.  I took another three big bags to Goodwill, and for the first time I'm really weeding out some dresses.  My dress section of the closet isn't crammed anymore!  It makes me sad, because dresses are one of my favorite things, but some of them are too short or too small.  I'd rather invest in some that are more "me" and actually flatter!

$179 spent - $71 Posh = $108
$55 savings

Quarterly Budget: $500 - $95 April - $108 May = $297 remaining

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  1. I love your new dress and of course the scarf and the skirt... and well... all of it as usual. That shade of blue is one of my favorites. I really hope to see some pictures of these items on you soon on the blog!

  2. I took a photo wearing the Safari shirt today, albeit not the greatest pics. I am going to post outfits every Sunday as part of a linkup on The Modern Austen. :)

  3. oh that blue dress is gorgeous!

  4. I haven't worn it yet, I keep waiting for the right occasion.... but then I remember every day is a reason to get dressed, right? Hopefully I will have some photos of it soon.

  5. That sounds like an awesome idea. I'm trying to do like a style sunday or saturday post with an air of outfit planning for the week to it just to give me some flexibility to miss a post during the week, but it hasn't happened yet. -_-

  6. I would post more outfits except I usually take mirror selfies and Dan hasn't gotten used to taking photos of me yet. Sigh.

  7. I'll come take photos of you! That would be awesome. Fly to Nashville once a month, take a slew of photos for you to have for the month and then fly back home.

  8. And I can fly from Athens straight to Nashville for $109 round trip. That just might happen one weekend.

  9. That dress and the skirt caught my eye right away. They are all sorts of amazing!


  10. Thank you! I am finally starting to figure out what my personal style MO is, and it has made shopping more fun!


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