Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sunday Lately: Picking, Telling, Debating, Mixing, Humming

I'm not going to lie, 2016 wasn't the best year ever.  It was kind of hard to top 2015, after all!  We spent the holidays with my family in Indiana for a handful of days, which I really enjoyed.  And now I'm back with the ladies of Blogger Tribe to help ring in the new year by participating (whenever I can) in the weekly linkup.

PICKING... new recipes to try!  I have been getting back into my cookbooks for new ideas of things to make, vs. just online searches.  I even got a cookbook stand for my kitchen, which is good for either my books or my recipes on my iPad.  It's not a formal resolution, but I'm planning to cook more new things into the future.  Plated has really expanded my cooking horizons, and I think I'm more fearless in trying something new.  I got a lot of kitchen/cooking tools for Christmas, including a new pot and pan to expand my stainless set.  Below is the Oatmeal Souffle that I made over the holidays, which was pretty good!

TELLING... myself to relax.  People just tell me to relax and let things happen.  But my natural state of being, quite simply, is not relaxed.  So it's kind of annoying to hear people tell me to do what is so unnatural to me.  I'm doing acupuncture now (I've had three sessions) and the occasional massage to try to help.  I really think I'm sleeping better through the night, and I'm trying to say "no" more and fight stressors.  Dan is more naturally relaxed, so I'm trying to follow his lead... yin and yang, we are.  Here's a pic of Mr. Relaxed and Mrs. Uptight from my parents' family photo session over Christmas.

DEBATING...  sharing vs. oversharing.  Just in general, and not just on social media or blogging.  I'm not a super private person, but there are some things that I hold close to my chest, and I'm not sure how to react when people start to pry.  For one, I really regret telling some people close to me that we're open to starting a family now, because it's kind of annoying (or painful, sometimes) to have those people ping me every month to see whether Aunt Flow has arrived, or question why I'm having only a glass of wine.  My own damn fault.  Which is why I've only mentioned it on the blog ever once, in passing!

MIXING... more recipes?  LOL, I'm kind of at a loss on this prompt because I haven't been doing much lately, but one of my Christmas gifts was a hand mixer.  I have a Kitchenaid stand mixer, but it's not the greatest for whipping up a small amount of whipped cream or egg whites, so having a hand mixer is a convenient helper when you don't want to get a huge bowl of something mixed up.

HUMMING... the Hamilton Mixtape.  Because it's amazing, and will have a lot of my 2017 anthems I'm sure.

Oh, and I have a new nephew, my sister's Shikoku Inu puppy, Sumo!  He is such a sweetie.  I got to meet him over Christmas, and he was so smart and so good!  He is a chunky, fluffy boy, which I love.

I also used my calligraphy lessons to make pretty nametags for my family's Christmas gifts.


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