Friday, December 30, 2016

Pie Society

I really love The Loving Pie Company (mentioned here on the blog in 2014 and also this year), so when my friend told me about their twice-annual Pie Society event with Jackalope Brewing Company, I felt like it was perfect for a date night.  Held after-hours with candlelight at the brewery, it featured six courses pairing pie and beer.

We dressed up a bit for the occasion, though ties were optional.  The price was super reasonable too, just $35 per person plus tax.  Not bad for a night out including alcohol!  We were served a pint upon arrival, then we settled into seats to be served our first course.

Check out the photo above of the menu for descriptions of the courses and beers.  I'll be focusing more on the food angle, as that's my element, while beer is my husband's!

The first course was kind of a Christmas cookie out of pie dough, with drizzled chocolate and blackberry.  I think I need to make cookies out of all of my leftover pie dough, when I have it!  The second course was a tasty meat pie.  I don't usually like peas in anything, but I ate the whole thing because it was a great hand pie!

The third course was Dan's favorite, a maple pie with BACON.  I think one of my favorites was the fourth course, the cutest apple pie I've ever eaten.  It also had a hint of cheddar.  I love apples plus cheese.  It's one of those strange combos that works!

The fifth and sixth courses were holiday-style desserts of cranberry pecan pie bites and a dessert that was designed almost like Dan commissioned it: chocolate, pretzel, coffee, and Oreo!  I was starting to slow down.  The pies were the perfect small bites for a multi-course meal.

If you like beer and you like pie (and let's face it, if you read my blog you likely like one or the other), these Pie Society events are a great night out in Nashville!  Whether it's a girls' night out or a date night, I really enjoyed it.  I definitely would consider attending another one, if only to get my husband out of the house and into a sport coat.

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