Friday, October 28, 2016

Budgeting Bloggers: October 2016

Where the heck has October gone?  Yikes!  It was actually a pretty big shopping month for me, because I needed a couple of staples (jeans and black boots) as well as starting accessorizing the new Apple Watch that I got for our 1st wedding anniversary.

  1. Apple Watch Bands in Vintage Rose and Red ($7 each), Brown Leather Double Tour ($21), Milanese Loop ($19), Turquoise and White ($9 each):  I got the new Apple Watch, and it came with a grey band... but that doesn't go with everything, right?  So then I fell down a rabbit hole of affordable bands on Amazon, all in total cheaper than one fancy band from the Apple store.  These cheap bands are great quality dupes and options.  I seriously change my band a LOT!
  2. Old Navy Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jeans in Rinse (originally $30, paid $12):  I'm fluctuating between sizes, so I wanted another pair of jeans that fits right now.  These were a steal during a sale, and I like them!
  3. H&M Fine Knit Cardigan in Light Pink ($20):  Blush layering piece, seems perfect to accent all the black, white, and grey that I wear.
  4. H&M Jersey Top, similar ($10):  Impulse t-shirt grab.  I went into the store just for socks, I swear.
  5. H&M Patterned Skirt in White (originally $50, paid $15):  This is actually a half-size too small for me, but I couldn't resist its perfection on clearance.  I'll regret this one later if I can't fit into it by spring.  Why do I do this to myself?  But it was so preeeeetttttyyy.
  6. LuLaRoe Madison Skirt in Black via Poshmark (originally $46, paid $22 after Poshmark credits and negotiating):  I had credits to burn, so when I saw an all-black solid Madison skirt, I knew it would be in my fall wardrobe rotation.  It's comfy, has pockets, and I love that I didn't have to pay full price.  Plus, you can negotiate pricing via Poshmark's offer button!
  7. Me Too Arctic Wide Calf Riding Boot in Black (originally $179, paid $50):  I wore holes in the bottom of my old boots, and when I took them for repair, the cost was too much for me to consider.  So I started searching for a new pair, and I found them via DSW.  I'm really into DSW's ship-to-store, because I can try on the shoes I ship there and only take home the ones I want to keep!  These boots are pretty classic, and I've already worn them a few times.

I also got a new pair of Kenneth Cole REACTION slip-on sneakers in black (similar), two pairs of Tangerine workout capris, and a shiny Limited camisole FOR FREE from my Mom.  Not pictured, but useful!  Yay for Mom spoiling me with the stuff she finds on clearance.

$201 spent -  $25 earned/sold = $176 total spent in October

Quarter Budget: $500 - $176 in October = $324 REMAINING

I'm linking up with the rest of the Budgeting Bloggers at Franish!

What did you add to your closet this month?

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