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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday Lately: Doing, Appreciating, Designing, Humming, Expecting

I wasn't sure if I'd jump in with a Sunday Lately post, because I'm in the middle of a series about our trip to Quebec.  But then I figured, why not take a little break?  Here's what I'm up to lately.

I'm helping prepare my DAR Chapter for its 10th Anniversary party this week!  Lots of things to do.  I've been pretty tired, so I need to make sure to look after myself while I'm doing all this stuff!

I'm appreciative of the life I have.  I'm crazy busy, which is a dirty word in my mind because I believe that "busy" doesn't mean your life is full, you're just making prioritization decisions about a lot of things.  Last week, I went as a Guardian on a local Honor Flight, and it made me really proud to be an American Veteran, and proud to have such a wonderful life.  We have a lot of freedom.

I'm also appreciating quality time with Dan, which is why when he couldn't come home for dinner recently, I packed up our dinner and brought it to him so we could have a picnic.

I'm not designing much lately... but I've been looking at photos I've taken recently and thinking about color!  Like this piano...

I'm humming She & Him's old albums, which I rediscovered were on my phone!  It's kind of relaxing.

I'm expecting this week to be a blur.  When will we rest?

I'm also expecting my Apple Watch to arrive this week.... EEEEEKKKKKKK I'm so excited!

  • On the Blog:  Have you been following our Quebec vacation posts?  Check out all the fun we had in Quebec City, with Montreal coming up next.
  • On Twitter:  I heard an incredible quote at the women's conference I attended this week.
  • On Instagram:  I decorated for fall, inspired by a sassy kitchen towel.
  • Shopping:  Everyone is loving this black floral print at Old Navy.  The blouse I want is sold out in my size!  Maybe I'll get the dress version instead.

And since I'm known for my food photos on these posts (LOL)  here's a sneak preview for an upcoming post, because we tried Hello Fresh meal kits.

What are you up to this Sunday?

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