Monday, August 29, 2016

Budgeting Bloggers: August 2016

I was bitten by the shopping bug in August!  I ordered a ton of stuff, spent a lot of money, and I have no idea why I was so big on my retail therapy this month.  But I like it!  Don't judge me, I also hit up Forever 21 for some staples and couple of trendy pieces.  I wanted a kimono, and I found a maxi dress and tee I also loved.  I also stocked up on basic peplum tops, which I rock for work on the regular.

  1. Alfani Tummy-Control Skinny Pants in Black and Navy ($40 each):  Love these pull-on trousers!  I actually think I'll be donating my old Limited Exact Stretch pants and converting over to these for the future.  They have a ton of color options, two length options, and the stretch is nice.  They'll be perfect for business trips too.  I got one lighter colored pair that I didn't think I'd wear much, so I returned it.
  2. Swim Sexy The Captain Polka Dot Underwire Bikini (originally $72, paid $50):  Confession, I didn't have any bikinis.  I love my one-piece retro maillots, and I rock them regularly.  But a friend mentioned this site to me, which caters to curvier girls, so I was able to find a good fit that I love, just in time for the beach.
  3. Stitch Fix Shirt ($68):  See my Stitch Fix recap here.  I love this shirt, because it looks like TWO shirts!  Just saying.  They can send me a zillion of these and I'll hoard them.
  4. Forever 21 Sleeveless Peplum Top in Magenta ($18):  Peplum are my fav, and this sleeveless one works well under a blazer for work.
  5. Forever 21 Peplum Top in FuchsiaOliveIvory ($15 each):  I got this top in two colors, then went back for a third.  OMG it's my favorite thing to wear right now!  It looks great over a pencil skirt, jeans, or trousers at work.  It makes me feel good to camouflage my tummy area too.
  6. Forever 21 Floral Print Kimono ($15):  I wanted a kimono because it's on trend, so I wore this on my beach vacay.
  7. Forever 21 Graphic Tee ($11):  I got sucked in by the emojis. It's ridiculous, and I'm okay with that.
  8. Forever 21 Floral Maxi Dress (sold out - similar, similar, $23):  I wore this dress to the beach, because maxi dresses are the best.
  9. Matty M Maxi Dress ($20 via Costco):  Beach vacation impulse buy, because I thought I'd want another maxi before I left.  I was right, I wore this one too!

$332 spent -  $21 sold = $311 total spent in August

Quarter Budget: $500 - $196 in July - $311 in August = -$7 remaining

Even though I now have no budget for next month unless I sell some items, I did return a lot of things.  I returned a third pair of Alfani pull-on pants, and a swimsuit.  I ordered a couple of dresses form Unique Vintage, but I ended up returning them.  Same with one Forever 21 shirt, I returned them for store credit and got ALL THE PEPLUM TOPS.  But I've actually been feeling warm in the office (and everywhere) and don't have many short-sleeve tops.  The peplum looks really profesh and also good under a blazer or cardigan, which you know is my uniform of choice.

I LOVE the Alfani pull-on pants, and kind of want a capri and more full length colors.  They remind me of some Stitch Fix pants my coworker got, but you can buy two for the price of one of those pairs at Macy's.

What did you buy this month?

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