Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weekend in Bloomington

Back in June, Dan and I headed home to Bloomington for my cousin's wedding and Father's Day weekend.  It was a quick trip, but Dan and I got to check out a couple of local spots before heading to Terre Haute for the festivities.

For lunch, we headed to Do: Asian Fusion Cuisine & Lounge for some Korean food.  Because I get to have Korean food in NYC and LA pretty much every year, it gets me on this Korean BBQ kick.  I've been working my way through some of the Korean spots in Bloomington when I get home, but I've yet to find one that nails it the way bigger city places do.

I really liked the ambiance of Do.  It was clean and kind of wooden-chic.  Since it was a weekend, they only served the Dinner menu; I wish they'd serve the lunch menu on weekends too!  We were given a salad (not my thing) and some miso soup to start.  We both ordered Bulgogi as our main dish.

I really liked the Bulgogi.  I felt like it was marinated better than a lot of places, and the portion size was adequate.  While the price was steeper than I'm used to for the portion (again, you get spoiled in LA/NYC) I would definitely eat here again when I'm downtown or near 4th Street.  Dan enjoyed his meal too.  The service was good.  I noticed grill tables outside in their porch area, so I'm hoping that means they do some Korean BBQ out there in better weather.  I think that would be great!

After lunch, we hit up Cardinal Spirits, a relatively new distillery right off the B-line trail.  It's a clean and modern place that seems perfect for cocktails on warm days or a break from the trail.  We loved the clean design and cool labels.

Cardinal Spirits is a great addition to the Btown scene; I love that it has a great porch overlooking the B-line, and that it has great craft cocktails. I really miss the wonderful drinks they served at The Rail, so it makes me happy to see similar care given to mixology here. I had the Gin Gimlet and Dan had the Negroni special, as it happened to be launch day for their new drier gin. Really well-priced cocktails.  We loved both, and bought a bottle of vodka and the smooth American Gin to take home.

I will be honest, the only reason I'd heard about the place as an out-of-state visitor was because I used to follow a Btown fashion blogger (Jessica at What I Wore) and she plugs it since her husband is involved in the biz. She, too, loved The Rail so I was pleased to find this place offered great drinks as well.  Yet another instance where blogging and reading blogs pays off.

Then... it was off to wedding time!  Even though Dad missed the photo ops, we had a great time celebrating my cousin JR's wedding.  The reception was held at an old, restored theatre, so the whole wedding (from the invitations to the bridesmaids' dresses to the decor) had an Old Hollywood meets Great Gatsby meets Art Deco theme.  Definitely something I could get behind!

Dan, me, and Mom

Congratulations to the bride and groom, who have since gone on a beautiful honeymoon and seem to be enjoying everything married life offers quite immensely.  It was a great excuse to get back to Bloomington for a quick weekend getaway, and remind myself why I love my home state so much.

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