Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites, v.10

Hellooooooooooooooooo, and happy Friday!  I'm back with some of my favorite things on this internet this week.

This book has help me sooooo much.  It gave me an epiphany that I apply to everyday everything.  Seriously.  Read it.  Learn about Givers, Takers, and Matchers.  (I read it because my boss told me I was a Giver, and that I needed to read this and learn how to translate that to greater success.)

I need to make this creamy cauliflower sauce, because my friend made it for her family and let them believe it was alfredo, and THEY BELIEVED HER

My friend Anna's hilarious post on getting back into the dating game, and how men suck at internet/social media dating, or rather are grossly inappropriate and not normal.

+  The 15 Best Portlandia Sketches, according to Rolling Stone.  I mean, just put a bird on it!
+  Really random facts about each state.  Some are better than others.
+  This editorial called "Why I'm Done Being A "Nice Girl"" is inspiring to me.  People often mistake kindness for weakness, and I think we need to be better about not getting the two confused!  Or rather, I need to prevent people from treating me like a doormat because I'm a Giver.
+  Flashback Friday:  In January 2013, I went to my first NHL game, here in Nashville!
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  1. The think I learned from the Give & Take book was that Givers fall at both the very top and the very bottom of the success ladder. It takes understanding how to use your nature to your advantage.


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