Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Best: Work and Play

I like to wear things that can go from work to play without having to change.  Since my office is chilly, and I don't like going sleeveless at work, I figured I could take my fun sailor-style dress from my desk to dinner with a dear friend.  And yes, I'm wearing sunglasses again, because I can't open my eyes in this gorgeous Nashville sunshine!

Dress: Hearts & Roses London via Hot Topic
Cardigan:  J. Crew Factory
Shoes:  Naturalizer
Purse:  Longchamp (custom)

This dress is a so easy to wear!  No petticoat needed, because it's already got a layer built in.  I felt like the flats dressed it down enough to feel more easygoing in a casual workplace.  It was a great deal, and I really love the quality and color.  When I took my sweater off for dinner, my friend VB was like, "You're a sailor!"  I'm glad she was there to snap these pics so I could show you how I incorporate my personal style into my work outfits.

It did not come with a belt, but I used a cheapo that I already had.  I'd probably pair this with wedges if I wasn't at work and wanting to wear my super-comfy loafers.
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  1. That dress is the cutest!!!! Also I have never been a big fan of oxfords, but I'm digging those! I've always been hesitant to buy some bc I felt they were masculine but those are really sassy!

  2. Thanks Kimmie! I think that coming from such a masculine uniform in the Army, to picking my own clothes, leads to me something choosing things that have a tailored, masculine look. Just a little, not too much... and especially when you mix it with a girly outfit, it kind of works!

  3. They seem like a good alternative to a ballet flat

  4. Absolutely they are! I got these Naturalizer ones via DSW.

  5. This is adorable! And cheapo belt is just fine. That's the cool thing about having belt loops and no dedicated belt is that you can wear a million different shoes and tie it all together with the belt. These pictures are absolutely adorable too.

  6. My sister thinks I need to add belt loops to things, but I just prefer to toss a belt on and switch it up. It's my version of "put a bird on it".... put a belt on it!

  7. You already know how I feel about this dress, but it's so cute that it deserves a comment! It's such a flattering dress and the color works wonders with your skin tone and hair. And I only own cheap-o belts, so I totally respect that! :)

  8. This is such a cute outfit! I love both the dress and the shoes!

  9. Thanks, Kelly! I'm really learning what silhouettes flatter my shape the most and make me feel good about wearing them.


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