Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Best: Gingham (and Giant Bugs)

I was hoping to get some better photos of this gingham dress, but Dan's idea of "outfit photos" is long-distance pictures of me with giant bug art sculptures at Cheekwood!  Sorry!  But I really love this dress I bought via eShakti, because I have been wanting a dress in this pattern for a while.

Gingham and Ants go together like a Picnic!

Spider gonna get me!
Dress: eShakti (affiliate link)
Shoes:  via DSW
Purse:  H&M

Even though there was a little sprinkling rain, it made it a nice, cool time to visit the outdoor bug sculptures.  I also wanted to see the Andy Warhol "Flowers" exhibit, and we learned it was on loan from the museum in Pittsburgh!  Dan had already seen most of the pieces, which was kind of funny.
Later, I layered a red cardigan over the dress, and it was pretty cute!  The gingham feels a little casual for the office, but perfect for a weekend date with my guy.  We had lunch, visited the brewery, and it was overall a really great outing...  but I need to get him to take better outfit photos!

Cheekwood was one of our first dates in Nashville.  It's a beautiful property in the Bellemeade area, and there's always some kind of exhibit that pulls us in once a year.  The first time, we went to see the Treehouses, then last year to see the LIGHT: Bruce Munro exhibit in the evening.  It's definitely worth visiting if you're in the area, because the exhibits change enough to keep it feeling fresh, and the gardens are always beautiful.

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  1. That dress is adorable! Love the fun, checked pattern. I'm super jealous that it's cool enough in Nashville to wear a sweater. I'm from Chattanooga, but now live in Panama City Beach, Florida, and it's HOT HOT HOT here. Your post has made me a touch homesick for Tennessee

  2. It's only cool enough for a sweater when I'm indoors in air conditioning! :) But this weekend we had thunderstorms so it cooled us down a little bit.

    Chattanooga is awesome! I was just in Monteagle/Sewanee last weekend, not too far.

  3. What a neat place! It sounds a lot like the Atlanta Botanical garden which always does the cool stuff during the height of the spring weather when I can't think about going outside. That cut is so perfect in the gingham print. I love it on you too! You're looking awesome!

  4. Thank you, Meghan! It's a beautiful place to visit, and they always have BOGO coupons out there so it can be a pretty cheap date. We've gone every year that we've lived in Nashville so far. We tend to wait until an exhibit is almost over, then scramble to go before it's gone!

  5. Funny story: I still haven't been to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh! I know, it's pathetic. I will go there at some point! I love that you were able to see this exhibit and I love how you look in this dress! SO much fun.


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