Friday, July 11, 2014

My Life in GIFs, v.6 & a Giveaway

It's been a while since one of these posts.  Today, I just want to vent about how I am constantly hungry and trying to keep up with marathon training.  Because I'm 29, and that means I can't just eat all the things and maintain my figure.  Adulting blows, y'all!  But despite the occasional feelings of of chubbiness, I never want to lose my curves.  I'll just be melodramatic via GIFs.

If I don't get to eat my three meals a day, at the usual time I take them, I'm like...
Just ask my family, based on our 4th of July vacation.

When I'm at a cocktail hour reception, and I find out there's 30 minutes before food is coming...

How I wish I could burn calories...

What I think about when I go to sleep...

I just want to feel good.  So then I eat a little bit better, I work out a little bit more, and I jam out to this song by Meghan Trainor:

Because it's all about that bass, y'all.

Now to pump up that bass, I'm giving away two pre-loved CUPCAKE cookbooks from my personal collection, because I have a finite amount of space and just got a few new ones.

Enter to win via the Rafflecopter below!

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  1. I had never heard that song before, but it might just make its way onto my gym playlist now! :)

  2. Hey Aubrey... don't feel bad about not wanting to workout as much as we used to! I just cancelled.... yes, cancelled... my gym membership! I wasn't using it anymore! I think it's just important to do what you can when you can and only if it makes you happy. So.... I've been focusing more on my walking in the mornings. It's making the dog happy, plus Ev gets a stop at the park along the way :) It's a win win!

  3. I ran for 30 minutes with it on repeat the other day and I think I started Prancercizing! LOL

  4. Since I'm mostly running outdoors now (marathon in January) I cancelled my gym membership too. Saving money! It just makes sense for now.

  5. I think it makes working out more fun and gets you in the groove (: I would love to win and I have entered. My email is

  6. I have never heard that song before! I feel you with the not wanting to work out as much. I have been having that issue lately. I just started back up after taking 2 weeks off, and it has been a struggle to want to go outside for a run.....with the crazy humidity here in Charleston SC.

  7. I find that new workout clothes motivate me a lot too!

  8. I hear you! Nashville has been humid, but not as humid as when I lived in the Lowcountry (shoutout, Savannah!)... the downside is we have way more pollen here, so I think I need to get an inhaler. Plus side to humidity is you sweat a ton so it feels like you're making more progress, right?


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