Sunday, July 27, 2014

Austria: Salzburg

This being my third trip to Salzburg (I know, #firstworldproblems) we didn't really do a whole lot except walk around Old Town before heading back to Munich.  It was so close to our planned Berchtesgaden route that we felt it would be a shame not to stop over for a bit.  Sissy checked out Mozart's Birthplace (my favorite Mozart site in the city) and we perused the different squares, streets, and soaked in some sun and architecture.  The cathedral there is still one of my favorites.  If you like Mozart, or you like The Sound of Music, it's worth a stop.  The movie was filmed all over the place, but it does such a good job of integrating sound stages and real locations you can feel like a von Trapp.

Here are a bunch of photos, minus a lot of narrative given Salzburg speaks for itself. I do love the Mirabell gardens, but there wasn't time this trip to visit again.  If I had longer, I would lay in the sun and read a book there by the steps from the movie.

The bleachers aren't usually there, those are for a festival.

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  1. Salzburg felt very touristy to me, but I enjoyed the weekend away from Munich. It was quite picturesque. I'd love to go again. Plenty of amazing shopping!

  2. I agree with you! We were only 15 minutes from Salzburg visiting another town, so my parents felt like we had to stop. We only stayed a few hours, and it was enough for me, given I'd been before.


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