Friday, March 21, 2014

Franklin's 11th Annual Main Street Brew Fest

The weekend before St. Patrick's Day, downtown Franklin has a Main Street Brew Fest packed with 50+ tastings of craft brews from Nashville and beyond.  I'd never attending before, but since Dan is brewmaster of a local craft brewery, we took my parents while they were in town.  It was SOLD OUT for tastings, so if you plan to go, buy tickets ahead of time!
Tickets to the event cost $40, and include a souvenir tasting glass.  You can taste all the beers you want, and Main Street is shut down for the event.  I was pretty proud to see the insanely long line outside Dan's brewery tent; he was even interviewed by the local news!  There were very long lines all over Main Street.  Some tastings were inside of the boutique stores, others were in tents outside.  the Puckett's truck was there, as well as corn dog/snack, kettle corn, and burger vendors.
Mom was learning to take iPhone selfies.
I will say that I felt like the town circle was totally underutilized compared to other festivals.  It was virtually empty!  More live music, please... though I loved the bagpipes.  There were some breweries with terrible positions as they weren't along the Main Street drag from Mellow Mushroom to Starbucks.  I really liked a few of the beers, but I wish they had more food trucks and entertainment.  Pumpkinfest set a high bar in my mind, and it seems like they could organize it a bit better than they did.
But it was still a really great night out, wandering the streets of Franklin.  I lovingly call this place Mayberry, because I think it's a sweet little place to call home.  Mom & Dad also got to see Dan in his element, and I couldn't be prouder of being connected to such a great guy!
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  1. I wish I was more of a beer drinker!! Because seriously, I can never turn down a franklin festival! I love love love main street so much. I was over there last week for lunch and it is my happy place.

  2. Kimmie, I'm not a beer drinker really...I like the lightest stuff. I told Dan I may sign up for DD tickets for future beer fests we go to because I'd rather get free soda and snacks! I just gotta support my man, right? :)


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