Tuesday, March 25, 2014

29th Birthday Affirmations

It's time for a birthday post.  It's something I think I've done on various blogs since I was in high school, always a little different in format.  I think that this year, the last one in my twenties, needs to start off on an optimistic note.  Carpe diem!
I'm terrible at accepting compliments.  I blush easily.  I'm a loudmouth chatterbox who is painfully self-conscious.  So a few months ago during a women's leadership course, discovering that I was unable to graciously accept compliments without looking at the ground and being self-deprecating, the instructor forced me to stand, make eye contact, and thank everyone in the room as they paid me compliments.  DAMN.  It was awful and awesome, because I realized that I don't take enough time being positive towards *myself*.
So today, I'm making this post about 29th Birthday Affirmations.  Inspired by one of my favorite viral videos of all time, Jessica's Daily Affirmation, I bring to you my own.  I was uncomfortable sharing this at first, until I realized it isn't bragging... it's just the truth.

Today, on my 29th birthday...  I like who I am.  I like where I am in my career, where I live, and who I'm with.  I like the strong bonds of family and friendship that I have in my life.  I like that I live comfortably, and that I have a wonderful man and two cats who love on me every day.  I like that I went to West Point and served in the military, because I'm proud of my accomplishments there.  I like that I pushed myself to make new friends in a new town, because they make me so happy.  I like that I'm pushing through grad school because my degree will be valuable to me.  I like that I make time for Daughters of the American Revolution and the American Legion, because they give me great bonds and fellowship.  I like my book club.  I like that I have nice things, which I have earned over time.  I like that I know I don't need those nice things to be happy.  I like that I have the privilege of enjoying good food.  I like that my skin isn't as bad as it used to be when I was younger.  I like that I know how to wear makeup now, for the most part.  I like that I'm working on getting in better shape, because I definitely like the results.  I like that I get to travel and experience so much in the world.  I like that I don't care anymore if other people think I'm weird.  I like that I can finally be who I want to be, no apologies, #sorrynotsorry.
I like my whole life!!!

Except now that I'm in my last year of my twenties, I guess I have to really grow up and stuff.  Sigh.  Someone pass me the eye cream and some superfoods!

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P.S.  I chopped off my hair to donate it again.  My head feels lighter, but shorter hair is totally more work.  Kicking off my last year in my 20s with something new!


  1. Happy birthday, gorgeous! I love all your affirmations, because I totally agree with them for you - I think you've accomplished a LOT of really great stuff over the past 29 years, and I'm super proud of you! Also, new hair whaaat!? It looks SO good! Can't wait to see it in person :D

  2. Happy birthday, lady friend! I LOVE this post and echo @Lauren Taylor's comment. :) It's been a pleasure getting to know you through DAR and over coffee/wine chats...speaking of, we need to do again very soon. Happy 29th birthday, Aubrey! I hope it is your absolute best yet!!

  3. Happy birthday! I know I have told you this all over social media, but the hair cut is adorable! Seriously. I keep wanting to grow my hair out to donate again (I did it a handful of years ago) but I swear I love my short hair far too much. It is so easy!

  4. Happy birthday! I hope your day is the best :) And, your new hair cut is AMAZING! Kudos to you for chopping it for charity :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  5. Can't wait to see you tomorrow night! Thanks for the birthday love. :)

  6. Krista, you are a girl about town and our schedules need to align or else I'm just going to miss you too much! :)

  7. Thanks Kimmie!!! I think I want it to be a couple inches longer, but I am enjoying it. I feel like my short hair (it's thick and wavy, but not curly) takes more work than long hair, but it forces me to wear it outside a ponytail more often, hence I feel like I look more professional and older. Even my boss was complimentary about it! :)

  8. Happy Birthday! And I love the hair!

  9. Yes we do, girlfriend! Let's compare calendars at DAR conference and get something on the books! Cool?!


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