Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Life in GIFs, Vol. 3

Happy New Year!  It's time for another round of My Life in GIFs!  Belated holiday/party edition, in honor of all the exhausting celebrating we've done over the past couple of months.

For the record, Dan and I spent New Year's Eve at the movies watching American Hustle (amazing acting, movie was kind of meh) and came home to Bar Rescue on Hulu.  It was divine.

How I usually feel about my outfit/hair before parties:

How I act at parties:

...but in my head I'm like:

How I wish I was at parties:

How I spend too much of my time at parties:

How I feel waking up the day after parties:

Mostly all of these are because I'm an old fuddy-duddy who likes to go to bed at 9:30pm.


  1. Love this :) Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year! I love GIFs because they illustrate in just a few seconds a bunch of true emotion. :) And I don't HATE parties, I'm just not good at mingling. My defense mechanism is to talk people's ears off and stuff my face.

  2. This is so funny! I’m doing a giveaway today and would love for you to check it out! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you. And I love a giveaway! I'll head over and check it out for sure!


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