Monday, January 20, 2014


As part of my business trip to D.C., we had an Italian feast our first night in town.  And when I mean feast, I mean that I ate until the consumption of a single chocolate chip would put me over the edge.  I was falling asleep at 9pm from this meal.  And I only had one glass of wine!  But let's rewind and talk about the restaurant.

We absolutely loved our meal at Filomena, located in Georgetown.  As we walked downstairs, we saw some very nice ladies making ravioli by hand.  All of the pasta at Filomena is housemade and fresh.  There were EPIC dessert displays in the waiting area too.

It also happened to be Restaurant Week during our visit, so I was able to get a three-course (HUGE) meal for $35.14.  Typically, the entrees seemed to priced around $25-30 each.  We drank the house toscana wine, a delicious red blend.

For my appetizer, I chose the Arancini, Arborio rice rolled and stuffed with mozzarella and bolognese meat, dusted with breadcrumbs and quick fried. It was served with their famous tomato sauce, a sauce so good that Clint Eastwood sent his crew to dinner at Filomena to culminate filming of Flags of Our Fathers.

For my main dish, I chose the Ravioli alla Matrimonia, chef-made meatballs alongside Mamma's cheese ravioli, also served in their famous tomato sauce.  Delish!!!  I also stole bites from my coworkers' Rigatoni con Pollo e Vodka, as well as Tortelloni di Michele, a brisket ravioli.  BOTH WERE AMAZING.  This was an epic feast.

We were beyond stuffed when my white chocolate strawberry mousse cake came out, but everyone assisted and had a bite.  We ended the night with complimentary shots of sambuca and amaretto, in full Italian style.

I loved my meal at Filomena, and I would come back in a heartbeat.  I actually feel like each entree could feed two people!  The fresh pasta and amazing sauces would keep me fat and happy for sure.

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  1. So- can you take me on your next business trip? :)

    Will work for food.

    1. I wish! Business trips would be way more fun with you.


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