Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Patterson House

I've been meaning to stop by the mysterious Patterson House in Nashville for a while now.  It's literally the most non-descript place in town.  There's a speakeasy sort of vibe, so you just have to find it yourself and then transported into this dark and delightful bar.  (Apologies in advance for the crappy photos... it's super dark inside.)

Dan/Duke (same guy, I figured he can have his real name here now, haha) and I headed there to farewell my friend BD as she moves to Texas.  Dan is a trained bartender, so we were both excited to try the prohibition-style (or whatever that stuff means) cocktails. We came for the mixology masters and to spend time with B.

Me & B at The Patterson House

The menu is sorted by type of alcohol; Dan immediately stuck with the whiskey list.  True to form, I couldn't decide, but I'd heard that you can answer a few questions and have the server/bartender pick the perfect drink for you.  IT'S TRUE.  Great attention to detail and style.

I told the server how lately I've been favoring grapefruit flavors and Moscow Mules, nothing overwhelmingly sweet, and that I don't like a strong alcohol taste.  I also told him I prefer dry red wines.  He suggested two drinks, and I chose the Marrakech Mornings, a tea-infused gin concoction with grapefruit, grenadine, allspice dram, and coffee bitters.  You guys, I liked it so much I drank TWO.  And I'm a one-drink per night kind of lame-o adult.

Marrakech Mornings

Were the cocktails worth the $12 price?  (Yeah, pick your jaw off the ground, they are $12.)  I think so.  They also have these giant spherical ice cubes they use in the lowball glasses that I'm a little obsessed with right now.

We also ordered sliders and the famous Elvis panini (banana, peanut butter, and bacon) but were a little underwhelmed by the food.  We'll surely be back for drinks sometime, but I think we leave the food up to The Catbird Seat.

They're open 7 days a week, and I hear Fridays and Saturdays are tough to get in.  We went on a Sunday and it was super chill.  If you want to feel like a secretive VIP, check out this place!

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  1. I still haven't been here and I need to. I LOVE to treat myself every once and a while to a really nice cocktail. I had a basil lime martini in California last year (it was pricey!) and I am still dreaming about it!

    1. I loved the drinks, though Dan did point out that the liquor in mine was kind of the cheaper stuff, and so I told him he has to recreate it for me for cheaper at home.

      You know, one thing I didn't ask about at Patterson House was their accessibility. They are in an old house and the entrance is up some stairs... makes me think a lot about the article your friend wrote about East Nashville.

    2. I am thinking they have a back entrance, but am not 100%. I know that I have driven past before. A lot of places look inaccessible but they have some secret way in (read: half of downtown nashville...like did you know to go to the Beer Cellar, I used to have to go through Hooters and down a secret staff elevator and through some weird Nashville underground tunnel. It's insanity!)

    3. Kimmie, I can't even imagine! Secret passages like a smuggler... you could so be a secret agent.


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