Friday, December 6, 2013

Rodizio Grill

Note:  I have so many food reviews lined up and not enough other stuff... so basically now you're going to think all I do is eat and drink.  And that's okay because I DOOOOOO!

One of Duke's most favorite things in the whole wide world to eat is picanha, a Brazilian rump cap beef cut rubbed in butter and sea salt and cook on a spit.  Yes, it is as phenomenal as it sounds.


That is why he loves Brazilian steakhouses with all-you-can-eat concepts.  Since we weren't spending Thanksgiving together this year, we decided our "Couplesgiving" meal would be at the Rodizio Grill in downtown Nashville.  A win for me with no cooking required, and a win for Duke and his carnivorous cravings!  We took advantage of an e-mail we got that gave us a Buy One, Get One Half Off deal on our meal.  (Just sign up for e-mails on the website!)

We've never been to Rodizio before, but we have visited similar concepts.  I think Rodizio does an excellent job!  We were surprised by the price, which was about $10 less than other chains we've been to.  We were seated right away, and we had very attentive service.  The only thing not included in your meal price is drinks and dessert.


They start you with a few appetizers, like tasty fried bananas and even polenta.  The "salad bar (which is way more than just salad) was well-stocked, and enormous!  Everything from rice and soups to quail eggs and mozzarella salad.  I think a vegetarian could go to town on the variety offered.  They had four full sides of options on that buffet.

One of FOUR sides of the "salad" bar

We put the "green" signal up when we were ready, and then we went to town.  The picanha guy knew that was our absolute favorite, so he gave us as much as we wanted whenever he came by.  We were pitched sausage, ham, brisket, lamb, fish, chicken, turkey, and even a DELICIOUS grilled pineapple.  Yum.


When you need the meat to stop coming, you just put the red signal up and they leave you alone.  But then you spot something juicy coming by and you're like, GREEN!  Let's just say we ate our fill.

If you like gorging yourself on delicious and juicy meats, this is absolutely the place for you.  We happen to love the idea, and we sort of starve ourselves all day beforehand anticipating the meal.  We'll definitely be back to Rodizio!

P.S.  They also have valet, in case downtown is cray-cray.

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  1. Ooooh, you've reminded me of how I have had the similar-sounding Red & Green Steakhouse in Atlanta on my to-do list for far too long. At least on a conceptual level, I do like any restaurant that wants to keep bringing you steak.

    1. Yes, most of the churrascarias are set up in that way! Go hungry, and don't fill up too much on the buffet stuff... save that precious space for the MEAT.


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