Monday, September 23, 2013

Coastermatic: Instagram into Coasters!

I'd been thinking about getting some new coasters, as the old ones I have are just ancient and not my style.  Then, KISMET!  Coastermatic reached out to me to see if I would review their service, which turns your Instagram photos into custom stone coasters.  You know what that means, right?

Coasters of Bear.  Bear on Coasters.  Adorable kitty cat goodness almost too cute to rest your drink on.  Swoon.  Sorry not sorry.

I was really impressed by Coastermatic.  The turnaround time was super fast; I had my coasters within days.  In addition, the quality of the stone was better than my older stone coasters (rom Bed Bath & Beyond) and the padding on the bottom was great.

They're also super absorbent!  When your glass sweats (which is why you're using coaster) these soak up the water like magic!  I don't know where it goes!  Maybe the Coaster Bears are thirsty...

When Duke got home, he was super excited to see our new coasters.  Bear even checked them out for a bit, but decided he was upset he received no royalties for the use of his likeness.  (I later bribed him with treats.)

There are so many options with these coasters... you could create your own graphic design, split up a panoramic photo across them, even put funny faces on them to make your guests laugh as the put their drinks down.  You can see by my photos on Instagram that these turned out just like the original images.

But the best part?  One of YOU lucky readers has a chance to win your own customized set!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received a free set of coasters to review this service.  I also received a set to provide as a giveaway to my readers as part of this feature.


  1. How cool! All of our coasters right now are...quilted? They're very nice, but I'm always leaving them around the house and never have one at hand.

  2. I have some super cute pictures of my niece begging to set my drink upon!

  3. OMG, Bear is darling and this is such a fun idea! I'd definitely have to put my cat, Louie, on mine:))

  4. Love it! I have lots of Instagrams of my pups that would be oh so pleasant to set my drinks upon. ;0)

  5. I will either use pictures of my two cats OR scenes from hawaii :)

  6. I also need to replace my BBB coasters! These would be great... with pic of my sweet baby girl on them!!

  7. I would put pics of my family and boyfriend!

  8. They're very nice, but I'm always leaving them around the house and never have one at hand.

    Glass Coasters


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