Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bear vs. Toilet Paper

Bear vs. Toilet Paper... spoiler alert, Bear always wins.

Randomly, Bear decided that destroying toilet paper was a really fun thing to do. We moved the toilet paper rolls on top of the toilet, thinking the move might deter him, but no dice. Then we put the TP in the nearest cabinet, so we could still reach it but keep it away from him. Inconvenient to us... but saved paper.

Well, now we're the weirdos who not only have a cat tree, but keep their toilet paper in tupperware.  It was a very cheap alternative to the decorative TP covers I was able to find online (apparently these went out of style a while back) and they are totally Bear-proof.  He has battled these boxes hardcore and never won.

So yeah, life with a kitten who has entered the "terrible twos" of cathood is interesting.  His play aggression is more prominent and he's more destructive... both things we're trying to work on.  My hope is that in a year or so he mellows out a bit, since he is so young.


  1. Looks familiar! I had to buy new curtains when my cats were grown up. They loved to spend time hanging in the curtains. Cats can be weird. My one cat loves to flush the toilet for example. I hope Bear will stop destroying the toilet paper soon!

    1. He won't ever stop, in my opinion... it's just too much fun! We'll test it as he gets older though, to see if he changes at all. :) Cats can be very weird!

  2. Replies
    1. That is his saving grace... we call him our Sour Patch Kid, because there's too sides to him! If he weren't so sweet and cute when he's not being evil, he'd be calling someone else Mommy.


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