Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fond Object & Hey Brother!

Duke and I are big Arrested Development fans, so when I heard Tony Hale was speaking at Vanderbilt, I bought us two tickets to see it.  Well, he was working.  So fellow blogger Lauren at Old Red Boots was happy to step in!

Photo by Native

Even better, she invited me out to East Nashville to enjoy a backyard BBQ at Fond Object.

I had a ball!  Not only did I meet the resident pot-bellied pig and goats, but there were a ton of awesome people, beer from Mayday Brewery, delicious food from Porter Road Butcher, AMAZING donuts from Glazed, and live music. 

Chorizo with Apple Fennel Slaw

I'm kind of in love with East Nashville in general as a neighborhood.  From the houses to the people, it has the unique vibe that I feel every time I'm there.  People know their neighbors, they have fun events all the time, and you can find a general sense of belonging.

Afterwards, Lauren and I headed to Vandy to see Tony Hale, with mixed reviews.  Not about Tony Hale, who was AWESOME and as fun as I expected... It's just that they awkwardly had some random band play a set beforehand, they played an ENTIRE episode of AD as an "intro", and the stupid DJ they had interviewing Tony was very obviously not acquainted with the actor, show, or being able to carry on a conversation in general.  Boo.

I loved this poster... Lauren's boyfriend's friend made it!

But Tony was awesome!  'Nuff said.  I'm so glad I could spend a fun day with Lauren and friends enjoying some of the fun happening in Nashville.


  1. i so wish i could've gone! i mean, i was at a cabin on a lake for free but still— this is amazing! so glad y'all had fun together, can't wait to see you guys around =]

    1. I'm always up for some fun! Even just a coffee chat. :) Let me know what works for you, and as long as I'm in town I would love to meet up. I need more girl time.


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