Friday, June 14, 2013

CMA Fest

I'm not into the crowds downtown during CMA Fest, but since my coworker offered me free tickets to see the final night's show at LP Field, I took him up on it and brought my friend VB.

It was hot and jam-packed full of people, but we grabbed a beer at Honky Tonk Central, enjoyed their live band, then walked over the pedestrian bridge to the stadium.

Due to a thunderstorm warning, they abbreviated the show a LOT.  And by a lot, I mean artists who should have played for half an hour played like one song.  BOO.  But I got to see a number of people I've never seen perform live:  Lee Greenwood, Gary Allan, Brad Paisley, Charlie Daniels, Lennon & Maisy, The Band Perry, Jake Owen, and Carrie Underwood.

We were in the freebie nosebleeds, so we weren't too disappointed to call it an early Sunday night (especially since I was out until 1am the night prior!).  But it was kind of a nice way to take in the country music scene for an evening.  And I got to spend more time with VB, which is always a win!


  1. I need to come to Nashville - looks so fun all the time!! :)

    Thanks for your comment - I figured i was due for a snark! :)

    1. Like I said... you aren't a real blogger until you get some nasty comments. And you know you've REALLY made it when you find yourself on GOMI, either as a GOMI or a SOMI. (Atlantic-Pacific and Kendi are SOMIs.)


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