Saturday, June 8, 2013

Baby Kangaroo... Arkansas Adventure

I spent a full work week in Arkansas, and I had a lot of fun!  I got to spend quality time with fantastic coworkers, as well as witness my first ever Walmart Shareholders' Meeting.  Okay, so I didn't go to the meeting.  But I got to see the crowds of people and know I was in the same zip code as Elton John for a little while.

I also got to visit one of the factories that my company owns, which was awesome.  It was like stepping into Mr. Rogers' "Picture Picture" to see all those moving parts.  Very cool.

But I think one of the highlights was the petting zoo at the expo I was working.  I was there early, so I got to see them bring in the animals from Wild Wilderness Drive Through Safari in Gentry, AR.

Sweet camel baby

There was a 2-week old baby camel with its Mom, emus, watusi, other cattle, as well as a Zorse and Zonkey... sterile cross-breeds of a donkey and horse with a zebra.

Zorse... and his friend I dubbed Lil Sebastian.

My favorite was the little joey!  He was a 4-month-old kangaroo, and since I was there before they opened, they let me hold the sweet baby.

Mostly I just wrote this post so I could show off a photo of myself with a baby kangaroo.  You know, to make you jealous and stuff.


  1. OMIGOD! Zonkey is officially my new favorite word/animal! I am jealous you got to hang with one.

    1. Is it awful that when I saw the Zorse, I immediately thought its stripes/color would be the perfect design for a purse? LOL in a non morbid way.


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